Uw Beach Brynhildr

Beach Brynhildr

"Eh? How did he find me? Master! Master, you should come here. The water is so cool! H...hold on. What is that odd smile on your face?"
Obtained From: Summer Beach Event Summon

To enjoy the summer weather, the contractor and his devils went to the beach. They found a quiet spot where they wouldn't be interrupted. While enjoying themselves, they heard a voice of somebody splashing in the water from a nearby forest. Wondering who it was, they went to find the source. There, they found Brynhildr the Silver Haired playing with birds in the water.

Party Bonus
??? Beach Brynhildr thumb Beach Sheoques thumb Beach Gumiho thumb
All enemies' AP -15%, DP -500
Fixed Options
AP +20%
Brynhildr's Top Brynhildr's Top [1]
DP +1000
+2 DP +1100
+3 DP +1200
+4 DP +1300
+5 DP +1400
Set Effect: HP +13%
Set: Brynhildr's Bottoms [1]
Brynhildr's Bottoms Brynhildr's Bottoms [1]
Opponent's skill damage -15%
+2 Opponent's skill damage -16%
+3 Opponent's skill damage -17%
+4 Opponent's skill damage -18%
+5 Opponent's skill damage -19%
Set Effect: HP +13%
Set: Brynhildr's Top [1]
Level 1 Level 40
7695 - 7270 22660 13545 - 18190 45280

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