• Levytan

    Test 2

    October 9, 2015 by Levytan

    No. 170: Punitive Justice

    Darong-, Darong-,
    What are you doing Darong?
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  • Corollary

    Hi everyone!

    It is really just a tragedy that DMT is closing. No where else on the mobile phone market will you find a well-crafted game that is innovative, creative, and run by a dedicated team who care so much about their players and the gaming experience. For instance, the way that they have dealt with the closing of DMT is admirable and needs to be recognized. I used to play Ayakashi Ghost Guild until it abruptly shut down. Overall, Zynga really failed to ease the hurt and make the parting with the players pleasent. Pample or NCrew (I don't actually know which...) have dealt with the closing of DMT very skillfully, keeping the players updated and informed and extending the lifetime of DMT by one month for a Final Memory event of some so…

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  • Koaruu

    7* Cards

    June 18, 2015 by Koaruu
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  • Diamonddeadlock59

    Just got on to the game and it gave me a R7 common ticket. Which one should I get?

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  • Altair2223

    Hey there!

    I started playing the game a long time ago, yet i never really knew how much of its mechanics worked and what should i had aimed for back in the day. Even today, i still consider myself a rookie in terms of knowing how to build a good team, what types of teams are available, how to spend my lp correctly and such.

    I come here looking for some sort of advice, as I´ve noticed i have been doing everything, or almost everything, wrong up until now. I am lv 57 and i still dont know what sort of this should i do when looking for evolution points or fame points. Hell, I dont even know if my team is even somewhat decent.

    My current team is:

    7* Unique Legendary Warrior-7*Unique Red Dragon-7*Unique Blue Dragon-6*C Brynhildr the Valkyrie-6*C Mo…

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  • Fianne

    DMT Artist List

    January 7, 2015 by Fianne

    Because trying to find an artist's site/pixiv/naver and not being able to is annoying. Do note that not all artists will post all or even some of their DMT art. If you're looking for just DMT art, you're better off looking at Raviel's gallery at imgur (outdated).

    * Not all links guaranteed to be safe for work, or free of 18+ images. Known dangers will be marked with a *. Click all links at your own risk.

    category page

    category page

    category page - Site Twitter

    category page - Facebook Pixiv Twitter 1 Twitter 2*(inactive)

    category page - Pixiv Site Twitter

    category page

    category page - Naver

    category page - Blog Drawcrowd Pixiv Twitter

    category page - Naver Pixiv Twitter

    category page

    category page - Naver* Pixiv* Twitter

    category page - Deviantart Naver Pi…

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  • Gorou

    Arena and Raid Spoilers

    November 21, 2014 by Gorou

    Item and Skill names will most likely be changed when the cards are added to the game.

    If there is a "(?)" at the end it means I'm not sure if the effect (or name) is correct.

    Giving credit where credit is due:

    • xldotalx on Palmple/Smilegate Megaport's forums for all his wonderful posts.
    • This korean blog where I got (most of) the information posted here.
    • Caracal16 for his own spoiler list (that gave me the idea to make this one).
    • Levytan for a lot of things.
    • 2jturle for his posts on the forums too.
    • inven because of obvious reasons.

    NOTE: The Raid and Arena Seasons announced on the Forums are one number "behind" the actual Season in-game because of the Raid and Arena revival events. So for example, Captain Davy Jones was announced as Raid Season 34 on the fo…

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  • Levytan


    September 5, 2014 by Levytan

    |C2 Level = 40 |C2 AP = 36609 |C2 DP = 4052 |C2 HP = 45008 |C2 Skill = |C3 Name = Golgoros |C3 Icon = |C3 Level = 40 |C3 AP = 31620 |C3 DP = 3810 |C3 HP = 45970 |C3 Skill = |C4 Name = Crom Cruach |C4 Icon = |C4 Level = 40 |C4 AP = 33355 |C4 DP = 4050 |C4 HP = 41490 |C4 Skill = |C5 Name = Satanachia |C5 Icon = |C5 Level = 40 |C5 AP = 37696 |C5 DP = 3575 |C5 HP = 37990 |C5 Skill = |C6 Name = Indra |C6 Icon = |C6 Level = 40 |C6 AP = 37050 |C6 DP = 3450 |C6 HP = 36802 |C6 Skill = |Party AP = 216439 |Party DP = 23457 |Party HP = 257251 |Party Cost = 421 |Party Rank = XSSS }}

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  • DiscipleOfByakuren

    Ok, I'm a beginner and I'm having trouble doing good with raids. I know that as a beginner,it's probably expected but I just want a bit of help. My current team is lv 33 Envious Rush, lv 33 Solitary Girl Libby, lv 40 Common Ea, lv 40 Anu, and lv 40 Uncommon Seth (and a lv 1 two star lol). If you have any advice, please let me know :) Thanks!

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  • Toxictoto

    team help

    July 31, 2014 by Toxictoto

    never mind this XD

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  • ItsSenpai

    Hey!, I've started pretty recently (lvl33 and S rank party) and just wanted to ask a few questions!

    1-A. Is there any benefit making a party based around celestial/otherworldly/underworldy? does it give some sort of benefit or am I better off basing my party around party bonus's? 

    1-B. If so... What's the difference between Celestial/Otherworldly/Underworldly? 

    2. Where/how can I farm fame points +_+ I really want Destroyer Behemoth. She's babe. 

    3. Atm I'm just evolving 4star UC's to search for cards with good stats/options/possible party combos-> which leads me to my question: Where/how do I farm evolution points the best? cause the amount to level C and UC 6 stars is quite high @_@

    4. Is there any card I can get? cause I see a lot of the hig…

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  • Dthx2710

    Party advice!!

    July 7, 2014 by Dthx2710

    Hi guys I'm a newbie, just started, and I need some party advice! I'm level 50, my ign is dthx2710, I have 300k evo point. Thanks in advance for the tips!!

    My current team:

    SSS rank

    Legendary warrior (7* unique)

    The 3 goalies (6* unique)

    Unspeakable Hastur (6* common)

    Rangda (4* uncom due to insufficient unit cost)

    Cards that I have:

    Tsukoyomi of Moon (6* rare)

    Seth (5* common)

    Zeus (5* common)

    Amaterasu (5* common)

    Prometheus (5* common)

    Beldandy (5* common)

    Poseidon (5* common)

    Mnemosyne (5* common)

    Minotaur (5* common)

    Dragon King (5* common)

    Bragi (5* common)

    What kind of team should I be building and how do I improve my party?

    I'm planning on getting hastur and beldandy to 6* rare, and evolve to seraph, is it a good standalone?

    And I'm also planning to ge…

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  • Caracal16


    |} Spoilers

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  • Arcsy

    Hello, fellow contractors! I suppose some of you know me as the former admin of this wiki, and I, for certain personal reason, had to be absent from this site and couldn't even say a proper goodbye. It's good to see that this site has grown greatly since my last visit and I'm really glad of that :D

    I don't know why but I feel that maybe I never left some helpful tips on people that want to contribute and deliver the best content (I'm talking mostly about banners and pictures here xD )

    So as first, everyone should know the official forum by now, which is without doubt the first place to look for information to add.

    Next, if you want to access to some banners and pictures related to events, I always used this site ^^

    And lastly we have the korea…

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  • Odyyn0

    Party advice ;p

    April 26, 2014 by Odyyn0

    Hello, I have already 54lvl and X rank party.

    Generally i planned to go for crit party because someone told me that crit party is better at raid bosses than skill party. I'm mainly interested in raid bosses rather than pvp.

    My party is:

    Odin The Ruler 6*R, Fenrir The Unleashed 6*R, Marid 6*UQ, Skadi 5*UQ, Valentine's Hastur 5*UQ, Choronzon 5*C

    Other cards i own:

    Bragi 5*C, Belldandy 5*C, Freyja 5*C, Dragon King 5*C, Amaterasu 5*C, Isis 5*C, Ares 5*C, Bango Jinin 5*C, Zeus 5*C, Master Therion 5*C, Decarabia 5*C, Hade 5*C, Yog-Sothoth 5*C, Nezha 5*C, Arianrhod 5*C, Brynhildr 5*C, Prometheus 5*C, (2nd)Marid 6*UQ, Seth 5*C, Zhurong 5*C, Morrigan 5*C, Rhea 5*C, Abraxas 5*C, Gumiho 5*C.

    I evolver already Odin and Fenrir to get crit bonus but with evol…

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  • StarOcean

    Evolution points

    April 23, 2014 by StarOcean

    Since 7* devils are coming, it seems like you'll need quite a bit of evolution points to get them to rare. I also only have 2 party combos at the moment, but when I disintergrate the devils below, I'll probably make a good 6* rare team with combos (They'll be used for 7* characters as well). I'm going for a complete otherworldly team.

    6* Rare Dionysus

    6* Common Cthylla

    5* Common Sraosha

    5* Common Thor

    5* Common Pungshin

    5* Common Seth

    5* Common Dragon King

    5* Common Vlad Tepes

    So my question is: which cards should I keep and which cards should I disintergrate?

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  • Abakoa

    Devil Maker:Toyko Devils

    April 6, 2014 by Abakoa

    Pungshin of Wind  ✔ 

    Brynhildr the Valkyrie  ✔

    Gumiho the Alluring  ✔

    Amaterasu the Sun  

    Lotus Goddess Nezha

    God of Dragon Kings

    Arianrhod of Wheel

    Samshin the Shaman

    Freya of Beauty

    Susanoo of Storm

    Abyzou the Loner ✔

    Thor of Thunder

    Abraxas the Awake

    Hera of Skies

    Soul Warden Sraosha

    Odin the Ruler ✔

    Daji the Seductive ✔

    Unspeakable Hastur  ✔

    Amazonian Hippolyta

    Ea of Water  ✔

    Fire Goddess Zhurong  ✔ 

    Moxi the Bewitching

    Chernobog the Black

    Choronzon of Abyss  ✔

    Bathory the Blood

    Tsukuyomi of Moon

    Urd the Observer

    Therion the Beast

    Nemesis of Justice













    Tartarus  ✔

    Yellow Dragon








    Jade Emperor

    Yog-Sothoth the One

    Athena of Wisdom

    Ares of War


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  • GangBunTu

    Your Mileage May Vary

    April 3, 2014 by GangBunTu

    I've seen numerous people ask

    1. Is this 5* devil worth evolving?
    2. or From my list of 5*, which should I evolve?

    My answer to these questions is: your mileage may vary.

    For me, there is no such thing as wasteful evolution, merely that one maybe more optimal than the other.
    I mean, if you're starving now, will you buy some food in near future or will you wait until next week when the restaurant gives extra fries and up-sized coke for a set meal (while you survive by scrapping for food between now and next week)?
    No matter which devil you evolve first, she should take you further in exploration, regaining some (if not all) of your initial investment (for her).
    More to the point for question #2: If you are vegetarian, would you appreciate if I recommend…

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  • Neptunie

    Party Questions

    March 25, 2014 by Neptunie

    Whelp, this is my 2nd time posting a question like this on the wiki so please forgive me if it seems repititive. The current party I'm running is simply something I threw together but now I'm trying to get a little bit more into the process so with the cards I have, I'm looking for a bit of advice. I have -

    6* Arianrhod Rare

    6* Nut Unique

    5* Amaterasu Common

    5* Belldandy Common

    5* Pungshin Common

    5* Rhea Common

    Other Cards in the Wings (all common) - 5* Thor  / 5* Dragon King  / 5* Zhurong / 5* Zeus / 5* Siegfried

    With the current cards I have, I'm wondering what formation I should use, and also what card should I focus on evolving next?

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  • M4st3rmind

    Party Choices

    March 23, 2014 by M4st3rmind

    Okay, so I know that it seems like everyone under the sun is making these types of posts, but I'm just wanting some opinions on what direction I should go with my party, based on the cards I own now. So, I apologize for being one of 'those guys'. I'll start off by telling you all what I have now.

    • 6* Nemesis of Justice - Rare (Haven't put any equipment or skills on this card yet)
    • 6* Judge Athena - Unique
    • 6* Judge Venus - Unique
    • 6* Awakened Chimera - Unique
    • 6* Dantalion - Unique
    • 6* Danu - Unique
    • 6* Nut - Unique
    • 5* Decarabia - Uncommon
    • 5* Zeus - Uncommon
    • 5* Brynhildr - Uncommon
    • 5* Sraosha - Common
    • 5* Odin - Common
    • 5* Amaterasu - Common
    • 5* Thor - Common
    • 5* Mithra - Common
    • 5* Ares - Common
    • 5* Morrigan - Common
    • 5* Gumiho - Common
    • 5* Abyzou - Common
    • 5* Rhea - Common …
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  • MuramasaRyu

    So I started play DMT a few days ago, and I glad that I sticking around in the wiki, it helped me a lot. So first, im express my gratefulness to all the content creator. But there is a few things that kind of bugged me 1) I have 3 5*cards: Zues, Fenrir, Choronzon. After checking around for stats and bonuses, i decided to evolve fenrir. I can make her to uncommon next week theme park ( all of them are common ), is it a bit too early ? 2) Should I try to evolve Common 4*, because i usually just burned them to get EP, only try to evolve the Uncommon to get 5*. Is it the right way to do, and is there a diffrent way to get 5* cards ( besides raid or bosses ) ? 3) Should I spent a lot of money on raid bosses, I got only about 1 million though. 4…

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  • SeaweedCat

    New card Idea :)

    March 18, 2014 by SeaweedCat

    So I know the card naming event thing is already over, but I had this really good idea as soon as it finished.

    How about having all the star signs like Libra, Pisces, Aquarius, etc?

    Hope the creators consider this idea, you guys are awesome.

    Sorry it's a bit hastily done but I just want to make sure I don't forget this idea and I'm not sure how to use forums.

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  • Riorawr

    Right, I started this game few days ago and I have difficulty understanding the game.

    Here are my questions:

    1. What is Gaze Point? I know where the icon located when exploring but what does it do once it is filled? 

    2. Each type weaknesses? (Celestial, Underworld and Other World)

    3. I evolved a Rare card and it evolved into a common? What is the mechanics behind this? 

    I may have other questions in future so please bear with me. Thanks.

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  • Arcsy

    Regarding Editions

    March 14, 2014 by Arcsy

    This is only a friendly reminder to all reader contributors. I hope everyone takes a bit of their time to read this :)

    It is only to give some guides on what to do in order to improve the pages created, and to keep uniformity. Also, in case there is a major change made that requires updating all pages, we can all speed up the process by helping.

    • The wordings in the wiki should match the wordings in the game (Story, Captions, Skill descriptions, Options, etc.), even when they may sound a bit odd, that's how the game phrased it.
    • Pictures, Stats and other information is usually best taken from the Korean Database. Now, now, this doesn't mean you're forced to go in there to check for information.
    • Categories are important! Remember to add categorie…
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  • Vocalotaku13

    Best Leader Combos?

    March 13, 2014 by Vocalotaku13

    Hi there! So i've been playing DMT for a while now, and have collected a fair amount of 5* and 6* cards, so I've begun to think about deck building. From what I've seen, the three most powerful leader cards are brynhildr, dionysus, and gumiho. Each of their party bonuses give skill activation chance, but which one is the most effective?

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  • Odyyn0


    Im already lvl 50 and still on 5* common cards because the dungeons was easy till this time. But now i think i need to evolve at least some of my cards to 6* to dont lose dungeons and do some damage to raid boss.

    My 5* cards:

    Nezha (common 40lvl), Freyja (common 40lvl), Arianrhod (common 40lvl), Choronzon (common 22lvl), Bango Jinin (common 40lvl), Belldandy (common 22lvl), Yog-Sothoth (common 40lvl), Zeus (common 1lvl), Amaterasu (common 1lvl), Master Therion (common 1lvl), Odin (common 22lvl), Prometheus (common 40lvl).

    So the questions are in title, appreciate any help :)

    (lvl doesnt really matter, have exp cards to lvl up all of them to 40)


    /already evolved odin to 6*

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  • Sweetraindrops


    TL= total light, Bpd= bouquet per day, L= amount of light needed for area (ex: 20, 30, 40)

    TL=(Your light capacity)+[(total minutes played)/3]+30


    (TL/L)x(# bouquet gain per 1 clear of the specific area)=Bpd

    Bpdx14= total bouquets gain throughout event


    6428.57/(TL/L)= minimum # bouquets you need per clear to get goal of 90000 by end of event


    Assuming you have 180 light capacity and can get 500 bouquets per 100% clear in the 3rd area (40 light cost). Assuming you stay awake from lets say 8am-12pm thats 16 hours. So you have 16x60=960 minutes of total minutes played. You get 1 light per 3 min. So, youz…

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  • DMT Vesta

    Hi guys currently my party consist of 6* Osiris (R), Ares of war (C), Amaterasu (C),  Awakened chimera, Aphophis and Chimera and i want to improve my party my current 5* available are:


    Nemesis, Taishanglaojun, Sraosha, Thor, Belldandy, Freyja, Isis and Ghatanothoa


    Master Therion, Bango Jinin, Dionysus, Choronzon, Vlad Tepes, Bathory, Tsukuyomi and Tiamat

    Please give some advice thanks

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  • M4st3rmind


    I'm wondering what people's opinions are on when it is best to use light potions. So far, I have accumulated 57 of them, and I'm seriously considering blowing a lot of them on the current event. Please reply with your ideas.

    A little bit about me... I'm a free player, level 49, rank SSS, and I have been playing for a few months.

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  • Runicx

    Need advices for my party

    February 27, 2014 by Runicx

    Hey guys, i have a Yog 6* and nemain 6* right now ( both common)

    for now , which should i evolve first for these 5*? Or should i wait until combo? I want to maximum my damage output for raid ,

    Currently my team is

    Yog 6*


    2* unique 6* raid boss

    and 2 others 5* unique card.

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  • IBreakYourNeck

    Rank 7 Cards

    February 26, 2014 by IBreakYourNeck


    i´ve heard a lot about Rank 7 Cards and even in Google and at Facebook i´ve seen a few pics like a Rank 7 Athena .__.

    So is it real that you can get Rank 7 Cards?

    Or when is this possible, or when?

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  • Freedom98

    Need Party Advice

    February 24, 2014 by Freedom98

    Hi, i am at lv56 and my current party now is at XD with the following cards.

    Nemesis of Justice (R) (leader)

    Prometheus of Fire (R)

    Choronzon of Abysis (C)

    Chimera (U)

    Awakened Chimera (U)

    Apophis (U)

    Now i hope to increase my party strength so that i am i can do more damage in raids(currently around 400000 for beholder and 200000+ - 300000+ for dandelion first break) and also hopefully could help prepare for the release of 7*. Have around 700000 evo points(can reach 750000 is i dissolve some 5*dulplicates and 5* point cards in evo points). Hope you guys could advice me with which i should evolve first. Right now the following cards and combo(when evolve to 6*) i have now are

    Astaroth (5*C) + Hades (5*C) + Poseidon (5*C)

    Cassiopeia (5*UC) +Arianhoo…

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  • Odyyn0

    Advice about my party of card

    February 23, 2014 by Odyyn0

    I'm already 40lvl and get some of 5*cards and i don't know which cards should i use and evolve to 6* first ;c

    My deck:

    -Nezha (common 40lvl)

    -Freyja (common 40lvl)

    -Arianrhod (common 40lvl)

    -Skadi (Unique 34lvl)

    -Valentine's Hastur (Unique 34lvl)

    -Choronzon (common 22lvl)

    -Bango Jinin (common 22lvl)

    -Belldandy (common 22lvl)

    ew. Evil Soldier Axe (22lvl 4* UQ) , Evil Soldier Dart (1lvl 4* UQ)

    So there are my questions:

    1.I have exp cards to evolve 2-3 of them to 40lvl but which ones?

    2.Which ones should i use in my main deck?

    3.Which ones are the best to evolve them to rank 6 first?

    Appreciate any answers, thanks for help. :)

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  • Megaman12345

    Need help!

    February 22, 2014 by Megaman12345

    So I finally got my party up to S rank and now I want to go even further. I wanna evolve my cards to rank 6 the only problems are:

    Which to evolve first? (I have Mara Papaya, Morrigon, Nezha, or Ghantanthoa.)


    Where can I efficently and effectively get Evo points.

    Can anyone help me? If so I greatly appreciate it.

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  • PiscesAlbaficia

    Hello uhm i got a question ...

    Which one should i evolve Amaterasu or Brynhildr, Nyx or maybe Tsukyomi ?D: 

    i Prefer Amaterasu because  she was my First 5 star and she was always useful D: but ...

    Tsukyomi is so Beautiful

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  • Arcsy

     New round for featured card nomination! The rules are simple:

    • Mention the card you'd like to be in our next poll and why it should be featured.
    • You can specify its rarity.
    • If someone already nominated a card you'd like, reply in that comment supporting the choice.
    • You cannot nominate cards that aren't present in our version yet.
    • You cannot nominate past winners.
    • The voting will end when the season ends and a new one will starts when the new season starts

    Past Featured cards:

    • Yuki
    • Siegfried the Hero
    • Tsukuyomi of Moon
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  • Newbie121

    Noob free player party

    February 17, 2014 by Newbie121

    Which is better to remove when i get another 6* celestial common? cybele or apophis? Both are level 37 now. thanks

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  • Kruzifix

    Looking for Party Suggestion

    February 10, 2014 by Kruzifix

    so i'm looking for party suggestion for raid boss

    my current party is 

    1. Mnemosyne of Mind (R) (3x Blood Hell)

    2. Decarabia of Jewel (UC) (2x Splendor of Paradise & Absolute Zero)

    3. Ea of Water (R) (2x Blood Hell & Eternal Light)

    4. Tsukuyomi of Moon (C) (2x Splendor of Paradise & Eternal Light)

    5. Osiris the Judgement (C) (3x Eternal Light)

    6. Cybele the Enforcer (UQ) (Blood Pillar, Eternal Light, Meteor Shower)

    and is in process of evolving Osiris to R and random 4* for Party Bonus sake 

    and my reserve is

    6* : Apophis, Cybele, Awakened Chimera, Chronus, Behemoth, Eris, F-111, C-909, Ahura Mazda (not really worth equiping but who knows about their skill, so far C-909 be the best then again im saving trans pot for moloch not sure if trinity is wor…

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  • Dark summoners

    This is my first blog in this wiki, anyway I've seen a lot of people getting some opinions from people which card should they evolve. I'm asking for an underworld card

    Here's my underworld cards:

    1. Tiamat of Chaos UC (exception)
    2. Therion the Beast UC (want to change if there's another good card to replace)
    3. Vlad the Impaler C
    4. Decarabia C
    5. Nyx C
    6. Dionysus C
    7. Asura C

    Thanks for the help

    Anyway if you want to visit my profile, help yourselves to s____n XD

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  • Sweetraindrops

    Who should I evolve?

    February 9, 2014 by Sweetraindrops

    ~Who should I evolve first???~

    1. Uncommon Susanoo to Common Susanoo of Storm (100k evo pts needed)

    2. Common Bynhildr the Valkyerie to Uncommon (100k evo pts needed)

    3. Common Siegfried to Uncommon (50k evo pts and 6 5* underworld ingr. needed)

    4. Uncommon Pazuzu to random Underworld Common 5* (20k evo pts and 7 4* underworld ingr. needed)

    5. Uncommon Decarabia to Common Decarabia of Jewels (100k evo pts and 6 5* underworld ingr. needed)

    Thank you for your help!!

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  • Cielo aoi

    I've been playing for one month now, my current party is X rank, but mostly consist raid bosses, which include:

    Asura 6* - Uncommon

    Rhea 6*  - Common

    Awaken Chimera, Chimera, Cybelle and Eir

    My current 5* are:

    - Celestial: Odin and Belldandy

    - Otherworldly: Nemain and Nezha

    - Underworld: Vlad Tepes, Chtylla, Zeus, Urd, Tsukuyomi and Choronzon

    I wonder what is the order to evolve them and which will probably most useful on long run? 

    Which one will be most suitable to do crystal of the abyss (currently I use Awaken Chimera as leader + celestial party for abyss and just reach around 35,000 M)

    Thank you for the help :)!

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  • Kuroko Tetsuya

    Who to evolve...

    February 8, 2014 by Kuroko Tetsuya

    I currently have

    6* common seth

    6* common asura

    In the process of evolving susanoo. 100k/150k and 6/16 ing


    Uw 5*common decarabia and nyx

    Celes 5* common osiris, hera and  ghatanothoa

    And a couple of 4* uncommon.

    Should i evolve those 4*uncommon or focus on evolving those 5*common? Which 5* if ever? 

    Thanks for the advice

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  • Kuroko Tetsuya

    Party XB

    February 6, 2014 by Kuroko Tetsuya

    I have been playing dmt for 23 days or so and have a SSS party.

    I wonder how long it will take me to have an XB party xD since i’m playing free.

    Like 3-4months?

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  • Sweetraindrops

    These are what I personally discovered as I played. Some may be so obvious but I was basically a beginner at this so don't think badly of me v.v/

    1. Do not use reconstruct tickets on 5* if that card can evolve into a 6* because when it evolves into a 6* the rank is reset to a random letter (Only use reconstruct cards for 7* Rare cards or 5*/6* Unique if you want)

    2. Do not buy underworld/otherworld/celestial packages because ingredient cards are in Daily Theme Park daily

    3. Do not equip items to 5* Unique cards. (Reason: You want to put equipment onto cards that will be in your team which are 7*. However, when 7* are made, all equiped items are destroyed so best to wait and put it onto 7*)

    4. Do not level up 5* cards if they can evolve to 6* b…

    Read more >
  • Sweetraindrops


    January 23, 2014 by Sweetraindrops

    1. Okay, you know that you can use light potions to get light energy recovered but what is the bonus draw? It says it uses 400 light but where is this light coming from? I get about 3 draws at a time but don't know how... Can someone explain this to me?

    2. Also, what is the advantage of having more than one Evil Lord card? I mean in the rewards you can get 3 evil lord cards but since they can't all be put in your party, what is the benefit of having 3 or more of them??

    3. Can you explain the type of event the new event is? The one where you collect snowflakes? Because I did premium summon a couple times but don't know where the snowflakes are... Also what is the good thing about this event? I checked the page and it only says you can trade i…

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  • Etahn-kuhn

    Evolution possibility

    January 22, 2014 by Etahn-kuhn

    I know that when evolving a for 4* to 5* the result is random, but for some cards there might be a high possibility of obtaining that specific 5* card. This blog will just contain experimental data/rumors regarding evolution. Help is much appreciated.


    • Heimdallr
      • Sraosha
    • Ameno Uzume
      • Taishanglaojun
      • Susanoo
    • Oberon
      • Mithra
    • Janus
      • Mithra
    • Shisa
      • Ghatanothoa
      • Ares? (High Possibility,Rumor)



    • Mishaguji
      • Yog-Sothoth? (High Possibility,Rumor)
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  • Tirah

    Current Raid Boss

    January 17, 2014 by Tirah

    Anyone else irked by the current Raid boss?

    It's the mass amount of DP it has that's getting on my nerves. I got 41 hits in easily yet did hardly any damage. And I'm low on silver too, which ain't helping. It's not like I can attack it anymore than I usually attack Raid bosses.

    Like, I thought the last 2 raid bosses dying quickly was frustrating but tbh I ended up pretty happy with Chimera's set-up and now ... yeah I definitely want that back.

    I'm sorry ... I just need somewhere to vent.

    P.S. Im surprised Palmple haven't done a roll back and taken away everybody's Awaken Chimeras too.

    Read more >
  • Lucina6145

    I need advice!

    January 17, 2014 by Lucina6145

    Hi, I'm new to this wikia community, so hi! But I have a question. I just downloaded the DMT app on my phone (iphone 4 btw) and it's been on the Check Files screen for a very long time (currently it's been going for 4 hours). I've deleted the app twice and tried again both those times. I don't knwo what to try next and I really want to play!!! What should I do?!

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  • Sweetraindrops

    DM vs. AGG

    January 12, 2014 by Sweetraindrops

    If you have not heard of AGG then here it is now. AGG is ayakashi ghost guild, a game simila to DM however there are significant difference between the two. If you have played both, I would like your opinion because I am currently playing both but cannot use money on both or I will go bankrupt... so I need to choose one... And I know it's very biased since I am posting this blog in the DM wikia but I am planning on doing the same blog in AGG wikia as well owo So here are what I call the pros and cons of AGG and DM.


    story is much more exciting and interesting imo

    the highest is 6* and is obtainable by summoning or evolving 5*

    also has free goddies (exp cards, potions...)

    RANKING SYSTEM I: 6* can be obtained by evolving 5* and as I said 5* i…

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  • Arcsy

    Hello everyone! As the community has been growing, we at Devil Maker Tokyo Wiki have given a thought about adding a Featured Card section to our main page. Basically, it will involve you in participating which and why a certain card is eligible for featuring. This is a small but fun way of sharing your opinions between the community and adding a bit of spice to our beloved wiki. So, if you think, say, Bicorn is awesome because she has not one but TWO horns, then you will be able to speak your mind and feature her!

    Well, not exactly right now, as this blog post and the poll serves to give feedback whether you'd like to see this section added.

    Have fun contracting!

    Read more >

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