Chapter 26: Despair


Yamatano Orochi was far bigger than what I imagined and seemed almost undefeatable.  Even in the most desperate moment, I can't take my eyes off Hikari.


(Core of S1)

Yamatano Orochi: All I care about is Amaterasu. If you can't remember, I won't even bother with you. Once a human being and a devil make a contract, their spirits are always connected, even if the contract breaks. If your wish is strong enough, it must reach Amaterasu, too. Tell Amaterasu to come out here and defeat me if she isn't a coward. Summon, her, worm. Let me give you some help.

You: Urrrgh...Ugh!

Yuki: [Insert Name].

You: My head...It hurts so much.

Yuki: Focus. Orochi may be our enemy, but he is a supreme being. He would never tell a lie, so try to do as he says. The one you should be looking for is the goddess of the sun, Amaterasu. Summoning her is the only way to save Hikari and get us out of here.

You:  Ugh.  Ahhhh!!

Yamatano Orochi: Soon, Amaterasu will be here. I shall defeat her and take the abyss of this world.

Yuki: Paradise and abyss, together they keep the balance of the world. Have you forgotten that?

Yamatano Orochi: They were originally one, but got separated into two. I will absorb the abyss then absorb the paradise, too. Just as Amaterasu did, muhahaha.

Yuki: What did you say?

Yamatano Orochi: My intention is the same as Amaterasu's. It's only a matter of which comes first, the paradise or the abyss. She too knew about it. That our world is hopeless. And that we can gain the absolute power in this world.

Yuki: Amaterasu will never do that. She's different from you

Yamatano Orochi: You will find out soon. That scum's mind will collapse or Amaterasu will come.

Yuki: What?

You: Ahhhhhhhh!!!

Yamatano Orochi: If Amaterasu comes, I will make her pay for what she has done. If not, I will take this world's abyss right away. Either way, nothing can stand in my way. I will put you, offspring of paradise, under my abyss, too.  Muhahahaha.

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