Chapter 31: Arena

Synopsis Edit

The Arena is run by the government. Built to find potential agents, now a source of income as crowds gathered to watch contractor battles. I got in easily. Shall I participate now?

Dialogue Edit

(In front of the Arena)

Yuki: A match right after a simple document registration...Is this how they operate the Arena?

You: Well, what I know is only public information. I don't know about the internal stuff.

Announcement: The next match is going to be between Kick-Ass Contractor Sir [Insert Name] and Invincible Contractor Hora.

Announcement: Kick-ass Contractor Sir [Insert Name] and Invincible Contractor Hora, please come to stage No. 5.

You: Kick-ass Contractor Sir [Insert Name]? If I didn't mishear the announcer, am I registered under the name "Sir [Insert Name]"?

Yuki: I was confident that I used the coolest nickname, but look at theirs. Invincible...I never thought they would come up with that.

You: Hey, that's not the point...

(In the Arena)

Hora: Kick-ass Contractor. That's awesome. You've come up with one of the trendiest nicknames. You beat me to that.

Yuki: You are not to be underestimated. Invincible...That's not something I could've imagined at all.

Hora: I'll officially introduce myself. I'm Hora the Invincible Contractor. This is my partner, Luel the Absolute Beauty. You'd better get prepared.

Luel: ...

Yuki: I'm Yuki and I serve [Insert Name], the Kick-ass Contractor.

You: ...

Yuki: Ready to rumble?

Hora: Let's get it on!

(Battle with Level 70 Hora, profile image Luel)

Hora: Amazing...You really kick ass. I can't use the nickname "Invincible" anymore.

Luel: Are you okay?

Hora: I'm totally fine. How about you, honey?

Luel: I'm fine too. And you are still invincible because you will surpass that guy soon. I'll help you.

Hora: Yeah? Okay then. I'm still invincible. Hahaha.

Luel: Hehehe...

You: Geez. What a couple...

Yuki: He seems mentally shaken after the defeat. Anyway, did he say honey to the devil?

Hora: Huh? Ah, Luel is my partner as well as my lover.

Luel: Tee-hee. Darling...

You: I see. You two are a loving couple. I've heard about the cases of contractors going out with their devils, but this is my first time actually seeing one.

Hora: What? Are you not a couple, then?

Yuki: I'm a servant to my master.

Hora: Ah, that's how you define your relationship. Well, I should respect your style...

You: What? What style! Not in the way you think it is! Yuki, stop saying anything that could be misleading!

Yuki: Yes, Master.

You: No, Yuki...Please...

(Shuhei appears)


You: !

(You depart)

Yuki: Master?

(Yuki departs)

Yuki: Anything wrong?

You: I think I just saw Shuhei. He came this way. Am I seeing things?

Yuki: Shuhei...You mean the person who became the contractor of darkness? But the contractor of darkness...

You: I know. The government hasn't found any solution to that yet. But I feel...


Yuki: !

You: Shuhei!

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