Uw Evil General C-214

Evil General C-214

"I already told you. If you surrender, you will be living as important entities for the government! Were you only interested in this petty human experiment?"
Obtained From: Arena Season 24 Ranking

From the 3rd legion, one of the legion generals under Yamatano Orochi. She volunteered to serve Yamatano Orochi out of respect to him, but she surrendered to the government after Orochi was defeated. But the government treated her the same as other hostile devils, and she was subjected to experiments while being branded as traitor by her friends. Eventually, C-214 became useless and was sent to the 'Arena' as a prize.

Leader Bonus
AP +5%, skill activation chance +5% to all Underworld cards
Fixed Options
AP +1700, skill activation +3%
Skill damage +20%
Cross with Wound Cross with Wound [2]
AP +1300, skill activation +5%
+2 AP +1400, skill activation +6%
+3 AP +1500, skill activation +7%
+4 AP +1600, skill activation +8%
+5 AP +1700, skill activation +9%
Meteorite Meteorite
[5%] AP damage 50% to all enemies, ignore DP, AP +15% to party
Level 1 Level 40
6465 - 7540 20470 13095 - 20410 46600

Uw E.G. Clone C-214

E.G. Clone C-214

"My head hurts. I have an odd feeling that defeating you will make it go away."
Obtained From: Not Obtainable

A clone of Evil General C-214 created by Louis. Its appearance and ability are identical to the original, but it has a strong urge to protect the laboratory. It is quite a formidable opponent having to face it as an enemy now and not just as a prize at the Arena. Being a general, this foe is quite a formidable opponent.

Fixed Options
AP +1700, skill activation chance +3%
Skill damage +20%

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