Ce Evil Soldier Punch

Evil Soldier Punch

"You there. Do you want to try sparring?"
Obtained From: Arena Season 3

An aggressive devil from the 7th legion. Upon contact with an enemy, she will detonate energy instantly. While she was imprisoned by the government, she learned boxing and incorporated it into her own fighting techniques.

Fixed Options
Skill damage +14%
DP +600
Dark Knight's Shield Dark Knight's Shield [0]
Ignore opponent's DP 653
+2 Ignore opponent's DP 714
+3 Ignore opponent's DP 775
+4 Ignore opponent's DP 836
+5 Ignore opponent's DP 897
Deadman's Grudge Deadman's Grudge
[13%] AP damage 110% to 1 enemy, additional DP damage 100% to the enemy
Level 1 Level 40
1135 - 6610 8880 4645 - 11680 20970

Ce E.S. Clone Punch

E.S. Clone Punch

"I was looking for a sparring partner. How thoughtful you are!"
Obtained From: Not Obtainable

A clone of Evil Soldier Punch created by Louis. Its appearance and ability are identical to the original, but it has a strong urge to protect the laboratory. It is quite a formidable opponent having to face it as an enemy now and not just as a prize at Arena. Its stylish boxing techniques are quite impressive, but...

Fixed Options
HP +15%
Skill activation +3%

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