Ce Manannan mac Lir

Manannan mac Lir

"If you could live in your young appearance forever, I wonder which age of you it would be."
Obtained From: The Gate, Red Grassland Center
Combination Formulas
Otherworldly Seal Key thumb + Manannan mac Lir icon + Special Points Card5 thumb >>> Arcane Treasure Box icon

Originated from the king of fairies. As the son of Lir the God of Sea, he is widely worshiped as the guardian god of sailors and fishermen as well as the trade god who protects seaborne trade. Due to his white silver hair and dark grey cape, he is called the White Hair.

Leader Bonus
HP recovered 5% to all Celestial cards
Fixed Options
AP +17%, skill activation +3%
[50%] Ignore opponent's skill attack
Celestial Shield Celestial Shield [2]
DP +950
For Celestial Attribute: DP +200
Set Effect: Damage to Underworld attribute +20%
Set: Celestial Harp [2], Celestial Brooch [2]
Cape of the Sea God Cape of the Sea God [2]
HP +1700
Set Effect: Skill activation +5%
Set: Plate of the Sea God [2]
Plate of the Sea God Plate of the Sea God [2]
DP +900
Set Effect: Skill activation +5%
Set: Cape of the Sea God [2]
Sunspot Explosion Sunspot Explosion
[2%] HP damage 50% to all opponents, ignore opponent's DP 25%
Level 1 Level 40
3515 1165 8440 21295 10145 1165 21310 47425

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