Uw Ogre


"Ehem. You don't have to go to the dentist anymore. I say, "I summon you, Gold!", then Gold will appear. I say, "I summon you, Silver!", then silver will appear. What next? Did you just say iron? Come on, buddy. This is not the Honest Woodman story!"
Obtained From: Ogre Village Event

A question arose while I was singing the verse: "A strange and beautiful Ogre Village. What will happen if I use its magic club?" What kind of place can be strange and beautiful? That's the Ogre Village? I used my wildest imagination to see it. Suddenly, a ogre sprang up and talked to me. Awesome! What a good-natured ogre! The end of my diary... No, wait, this isn't a dream! Is that a real ogre?

Ogre Club Ogre Club [2]
AP increased 800
Set Effect: DP increased 500
Set: Ogre Hat [2] + Ogre Horn [2]
Ogre Hat Ogre Hat [2]
HP increased 1100
Set Effect: DP increased 500
Set: Ogre Club [2] + Ogre Horn [2]
Ogre Horn Ogre Horn [2]
Skill damage increased 2%
Set Effect: DP increased 500
Set: Ogre Club [2] + Ogre Hat [2]
Level 1 Level 40
5500 - 6800 17800 11350 - 17720 40420

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