This page is officially OUTDATED. It shall be kept in the meantime for reference and for the questions in the comments. At one point, I'll finish this project, but it's on a semi-permanent hold for the near future.

Blood Prison vs Qigong Explosion vs Sky-Breaking ClawEdit

   One of the Biggest debates in DMT is which skills to transfer to your cards, and three particular skills often come into question: Blood Prison, Qigong Explosion, and Sky-Breaking Claw. If you so desire, you can plug all your stats into each skills equation, but there is a much quicker way to determine which skill is better for your card. Here are the steps:
  • First of all, NEVER transfer Sky-Breaking Claw, or any other AP+HP skill, during skill transfer. Due to the way things work out, Sky-Breaking Claw can be better then either Blood Prison OR Qigong Cannon, but NEVER both. In other words, it will always be outclassed. (Note, if a card starts with Sky-Breaking Claw, it's okay, as the skill is still good.)
  • Now that Sky-Breaking Claw is out of the way, we can now debate between Blood Prison and Qigong Explosion with the following steps:
    1. Divide HP by AP (including any party bonuses).
    2. If the resulting answer is GREATER than 3.125, Qigong Explosion will deal the most damage for your card, if the resulting answer is LESS THAN 3.125, Blood Prison will deal more damage.
  • Now you may ask, "What If I don't possess Qigong Explosion?"  My response: Good question. Blood Prison is a very common skill as of right now, simply because Jack the Ripper often starts with it.  Since Qigong Explosion is a yellow/gold skill, it is rather rare, and I personally haven't seen it.  However, Qigong Cannon is much more common, and isn't too much weaker than Qigong Explosion.  The following steps compare Qigong Cannon with Blood Prison:
    1. Divide HP by AP (including any party bonuses).
    2. If the resulting answer is GREATER than 3.572, Qigong Cannon will deal the most damage for your card, and if the resulting answer is LESS THAN 3.572, Blood Prison will deal the more damage.

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