Ce Valentine's Ares

Valentine's Ares

"Be quiet. Don't order me around. What? As if I'm goint to listen to you. This chocolate is all mine." "Chomp, chomp, chomp, gulp"
Obtained From: Valentine's Event Summon

February 14th, Valentine's Day! Somehow I ended up coming all the way here...phew...Where in the world is Ares? Since he likes coffee...oh! Come to think of it, he said he's going to work at a cafe to become a barista...I should check the cafe. Yes, here he is. Huh? Hold on...hey! What are you doing, eating all the chocolate that Belldandy worked so hard on!? Is that Orochi beside you!? What are you doing with your en

Fixed Options
DP increased 400, HP increased 2600
White Choco Heart White Choco Heart [1]
HP increased 6%
Set Effect: Damage from Underworld attribute decreased 35%
Set: Milk Choco Heart [1]
Milk Choco Heart Milk Choco Heart [1]
Skill damage increased 12%
Set Effect: Damage from Underworld attribute decreased 35%
Set: White Choco Heart [1]
Level 1 Level 40
4745 835 8670 22335 10595 835 19590 44955

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