Uw Valentine's Astaroth

Valentine's Astaroth

"You fool, where have you been? I brought all these chocolates, thinking you would be home alone...but I ended up eating all of it because you came back so late!"
Obtained From: Valentine's Event Summon

February 14th, Valentine's Day! My stomach is aching...maybe from the chocolate Hastur forced me to eat. Hm...That chocolate really tasted like if it was a mix of water boiled with octopus and chocolate. Well...I've come home to rest, but I see little pieces of leftover chocolate scattered all across the place...and Astaroth is sitting on the sofa with a very sour look on her face. Why are you giving me such a look...?

Fixed Options
DP increased 680, skill activation increased 3%
Dark Gu-Gu Choco Dark Gu-Gu Choco [1]
HP increased 1490
Set Effect: [35%] Ignore opponent's skill attack
Set: White Gu-Gu Choco [1]
White Gu-Gu Choco White Gu-Gu Choco [1]
Damage from opponent decreased 10%
Set Effect: [35%] Ignore opponent's skill attack
Set: Dark Gu-Gu Choco [1]
Level 1 Level 40
6395 635 6370 22335 12245 635 17290 44955

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