Ce White Rabbit


"Don't believe everything you see since illusions are a small, but undeniable part of truth."
Obtained From: Prince Zone 2
Prince Summon

The male protagonist of an old fairy tale. He invited Alice to Wonderland. His behavior is totally unpredictable. As if trying to prove himself as a magician, he suddenly disappears only to be found later elsewhere. He is very fond of tricking people with his magic.

Party Bonus
Bad Boys Princekevin36 Whiterabbit Blindprincethumb
AP -15% to all enemies
Fixed Options
Damage reflected 20% to all enemies when HP is less than 15%
Add Rabbit's Magical Hat [0]
Critical damage increased 3%
Hand of Darkness Hand of Darkness
[9%] AP damage 100% to 1 enemy, AP -5%, extra damage same as enemy's reduced AP

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